About Us

Our London Pizza chef brings unique global flavours on a classic Italian pizza that has grown for at least 24 hours. We make great bread and desserts as well, but pizza is our speciality. It’s all handmade, cooked the traditional way and packed full of flavor.

In Taipei, chef Bilal Rehman-Chohan is reshaping the idea of what a pizza should be – one pizza at a time. Using authentic Italian dough making with a London twist.

Chef Bilal

Chef Bilal`s philosophy

There are three things to making great pizza; fresh ingredients, a whole lot of love & passion, and some amazing dough. That’s the holy trinity of pizza that Gusto Pizza has brought to Taipei over the two years.

When I came to Taiwan, one of the first things I missed was a proper neighborhood pizza spot. Somewhere you could have a great pizza conversation and meet people from all walks of life. That’s really why GUSTO was born.

The heart soul behind it was to create a space where great food and amazing people could come together. I love the thought that GUSTO has become its own little community. It’s fantastic! It makes me feel at home.

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